Advice for New Privacy Professionals

Phenomenal advice for new privacy professionals from Lauren Reid!

“The thing you’ll soon learn about privacy is that it’s never just about privacy. It’s about people, it’s about making good decisions, it’s about doing the right thing.”

I’m so grateful to have her here as a guest blogger.

Please check out her article below!

“Advice for New Privacy Professionals”

The Entrepreneurial Mindset – 5 Lessons To Help You Take Flight

It was my pleasure to attend a room full of eager entrepreneurs who were waiting with bated breath to learn all about “The Entrepreneurial Mindset” hosted by Shane Austin of Trep Talks, Okanagan CoLab. The room basked in a community vibe as each attendee got acquainted with each other and casually took in some refreshments. To be in a space with so many like-minded individuals was both encouraging and exciting.

The panelists who shared their personal entrepreneurial experiences were Dylan Ranney, Jamie Wood, Joel Semeniuk, Karma Lacoff, and Shane Lapp. Their backgrounds were as varied as the attendees, but the common thread between them all was the lessons learned from living life to the fullest by leveraging the “entrepreneurial mindset” – a way of thinking and approaching challenges. It is imperative to let go of old stigmas to describe what an entrepreneur is and embrace the ideology that the entrepreneur is the hero of the story, a super-powered explorer of uncharted worlds.

Lesson 1: Being an entrepreneur is not a conventional lifestyle at all.

The logic is simple. If being an entrepreneur was easy or popular than everyone would be doing it. Starting your own business and growing your own brand can be a lonely adventure. Expect to hear lots of naysaying and people asking when you are going to get a real job and become someone’s employee. If you can’t change people, then change out the people and be more selective of who you let share your journey. It is important to find a community of people who will reinforce your inspiration, imagination, and creativity to innovate a new career path.

Lesson 2: Get comfortable with constantly being under-estimated.

You have a great idea, an amazing product, and the magic sauce to solve your target audiences’ problems, but everyone around you thinks you’re “crazy”. Get used to it. Know that the worst critic you will ever face will be yourself. Finding your entrepreneurial path will be fraught with twists and turns so expect to feel the same anxiety-inducing effects of riding a rollercoaster – but let’s just reframe that feeling and call it “excitement”. All the same physical effects, but a lot more enjoyable ride.

Lesson 3: Success is in everyday living; it is not a hypothetical place in the future.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by creating limiting beliefs and milestones that will somehow define to you that you have finally arrived at your destination: “Success”. Remember that there will be many varied paths to travel until you get to your end game, whatever that may turn out to be. Don’t limit yourself to a Plan A or Plan B, just know it might take until Plan W to get there. Remember to enjoy the rollercoaster ride along the way.

Lesson 4: Helping people is where it’s at, not chasing the almighty $.

Solving human problems and building relationships is the key to doing what you do, regardless of the business you are in. As long as you can find a way to help other people, you will have a sense of purpose and value. Constantly remind yourself about your core values. If you haven’t defined them yet, then go out and do that! Post a sticky on your mirror to remind yourself why you love to do what you do.

Lesson 5: Fundamentally prioritize sleep, eating, and exercise; otherwise you will burnout!

Working harder is b.s. The more hours you put into building and managing your entrepreneurial gig does not equal success. Burnout is very real, and you need to take the best care possible of your brand – You. Cultivate good self-care habits like daily mindfulness, healthy eating, and worry-free sleep. If you have to keep a notebook beside your bed to record your budding strategic business ideas, do it and then turn your mind off to rest it. Also, get used to asking for help. Get mentors and learn from their experiences. Know when to fold them and make delegation your new secret weapon. Look for creative ways to partner people who love doing the tasks you hate and then delegate.

The overall take away is to expect conflict and adversity when you are exploring the uncharted worlds of entrepreneurship. Embrace audacity and look at every challenge you face as an opportunity to grow! Do not get stuck in the fear of failure. Remember that failure is just the advancement of human knowledge. We need to start treating failure the same way as scientists do. There are all sorts of results to any given experiment, but regardless if they pass or fail, they are all data points. Each result brings us closer to the answer. So take these lessons and weave them together into the entrepreneurial mindset cloak and wrap that cape around your neck then go take that leap – become the superhero in your next business venture!

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