I am personally committed to helping my community. Surrounding yourself with people who share your same core values is instrumental to your well being! Whenever there isn’t a “fit” you just feel it in your bones and in my experience that signals a time for a change.

Here are some local businesses I choose to either volunteer and/or give my business to. I believe they are worth your time and money to check out!

Kelowna Women’s Shelter

Provides free food, shelter, counseling, support, and preventive education to women and their children who have experienced intimate partner violence.

Want to shop and support the Kelowna Women’s Shelter at the same time? Visit the Kelowna Women’s Shelter Thrift Store! Profits go back into the Shelter and support our many services.

#6-368 Industrial Road, Kelowna, B.C.

Third Space Coffee

Kelowna’s only non-profit Third Wave cafe!

Serving coffee by renowned roasters like Phil & Sebastian and Transcend Coffee, ​100% of our profits provide counselling and mental health programs for those in need in our community, regardless of financial barriers.

Harley Davidson the Dog

When it comes to administrative safeguards, this is the man for the job. He is the best security a girl could ask for and just enough of a softie for a “tough guy”.

When he need TLC, there is only one place I trust to take him:

How do you help your community?

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