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How does your healthcare clinic measure up?

CBC News: Privacy review finds personal information protections lacking at B.C. medical clinics

BC OIPC AUDIT REPORT: Compliance Review of Medical Clinics

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Homeland Security: #BeCyberSmart

How do cyber threats work?

A cyber threat is an activity intended to compromise the security of an information system (such as a computer network, a website or even a social media page) by altering the availability, integrity, or confidentiality of a system or the information it contains. These activities take place in the online space. Cyber threat actors are simply individuals or organizations, they may have different motivations, skill sets or capabilities but often the end result is often the same. In general, they seek to demonstrate their capabilities, cause harm to an organization or individual or profit from online activities. Cyber threat actors aim to take advantage of vulnerabilities, low cyber security awareness, and technological developments to gain unauthorized access to information systems in order to access or otherwise affect victims’ data, devices, systems, and networks. Sometimes, even sophisticated actors use less sophisticated and readily available tools and techniques because they meet their needs and require little effort on their part. Understanding how cyber threats work is the first step in protecting yourself and your organization from their activities.

Healthcare Privacy Breaches Spike in Alberta

A Hospital Gown that Protects Your ASSets – The Dignity Hospital Gown

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